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Leatherette Koozie®

Design Your Own Faux Leather Koozie® Can Coolers

At myKoozie.com we customize Koozie® Brand Can Coolers - we don't do fakes. Our vegan leather Koozie® can coolers are a popular choice and feature a semi shiny finish that makes your logo or text stand out. We require no minimum orders, and we ship most orders in 2-3 business days. Below you'll find frequently asked questions about our Vegan Leather Koozie® can coolers, but if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Q. Do you require minimum orders of Vegan Leather Koozie® Can Koolers?
    A. Nope! You can order just one Koozie® can cooler if that's all you need. We also offer bulk pricing for large orders.
  • Q. What's special about the leatherette Koozie® can coolers?
    A. The leatherette or faux leather can coolers by Koozie® brand are made with a slick, tough material that gives them an extra oomph! These have a thicker, tougher feel than our soft bendable neoprene can coolers by Koozie® brand.
  • Q. How are the faux leather can coolers customized?
    A. Our collapsible foam Koozie® Can Koolers feature a polyester exterior and foam lining. Your custom text or art is created on durable vinyl and heat pressed to your Koozie®.
  • Q. What's the difference between Koozie® Vegan Leather Can Coolers and Koozie® Foam and Neoprene Can Coolers?
    A. Vegan or Faux Leather Can Coolers by Koozie® have a tough light leather finish that makes them extra cool! They are still collapsible and convenient for your on-the-go adventures, just like neoprene and foam. Standard foam can coolers are made with a polyurethane foam material, which is lightweight and collapsible and made to keep your drink cool. Neoprene is made of the same material that scuba divers' suits are made of and is considered a premium version of the Koozie®.