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June 20th is Officially Summer!

Koozie® Neoprene Bottle Cooler

Design Your Own Neoprene Koozie® Bottle Coolers

Create your own designs on our real Koozie® Neoprene Bottle Coolers! We require no minimum orders, and we ship most orders in 2-3 business days, so you can be ready to say "Cheers!" at your birthday party, bridal shower or while chilling with your pet. The Official Koozie® Brand Neoprene Bottle Coolers come in several color choices and feature a lightweight, collapsible design that can be carried anywhere! They're made to keep drinks colder for longer periods of time, because they're made of the same special material that scuba divers' suits are made of! These lightweight custom bottle coolers have a zip-up design that allows you to quickly switch out an empty bottle for a new cold one! Life just got THAT much easier.

  • Koozie® Neoprene Bottle Coolers are made of the same material that wetsuits are made of! (They'll keep your drinks colder, longer.)
  • Choose from several color options
  • Your logo, art or text will be vinyl heat pressed onto your Koozie® Neoprene Bottle Coolers
  • Design your own neoprene bottle cooler or shop foam here
  • No minimum order required!

FAQ About Koozie® Neoprene Bottle Coolers

  • Q. What makes neoprene Koozie® coolers unique?
    A. Neoprene is the same material that scuba divers wear under water! This material has stellar insulation capabilities, and is a top choice in chilling your beverages!
  • Q. What's the difference between foam, neoprene and deluxe Koozie® Bottle Coolers?
  • Standard foam can coolers are made with a polyurethane foam material, which is lightweight and collapsible and made to keep your drink cool.
  • Neoprene is made of the same material that scuba divers' suits are made of! This premium Koozie® Bottle Cooler has the strongest insulation properties!
  • The Deluxe Koozie® Bottle Cooler has a semi-shiny leather-like finish that's ultra stylish!
  • Q. How is my design customized?
    A. Your text or art will be vinyl heat pressed onto each Koozie® Bottle Cooler so that it's guaranteed to stay no matter how many times your cooler is used
  • What sizes of bottle does the Neoprene Koozie® Bottle Cooler fit?
    A. The Neoprene Koozie® Bottle Cooler fits most standard longneck bottles.