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No BS: No Art Fees & No Hidden Shipping Cost

Return Policy

We offer a straightforward 60-day return policy. If you have a product you would like to return, please contact us.

Return Philosophy

Generally, we do not accept returns on custom-made products because the cost of return would be a waste of time and money for us and our customers. In some cases, when working with your customer service agent, we might ask for the product to be returned so we can investigate the item in more detail. Usually, we’ll ask for a picture or short video to be sent to us for evaluation. We will accept returns up to 60 days from the order placement when we ask for a return.

Remake Policy

On rare occasions when we make a mistake, we’re glad to take ownership of the error and work with the customer to help resolve the issue. If remaking the order is needed, we’ll do it within 60 days of order placement. When you contact us about the issue with your order, our customer service agents will work with you to find a solution. We first want to identify the problem so we don’t make the same mistake we made when we originally produced your order. That will require some good communication between you and our customer service team. Regardless, we’re here to help. You’re in good hands.

Refund Policy

If a remake solution cannot be found, and the only solution is a refund, we provide up to 60 days after order placement to request a refund. Custom-made products are not eligible for a refund because the materials used cannot be recouped or resold. We recommend ordering one or two pieces as a test run to ensure the results meet your needs and reduce the risk of dissatisfaction with bulk orders.

Our Products

Most of our products are custom-made based on your needs and cannot be reused or resold to someone else. On rare occasions, a customer might have a claim that we’d like to help resolve. As a result, it is important to outline how we handle returns, refunds, and requests for remaking orders. If you want to order something in high volume, we always recommend ordering one or two as a test run before ordering in higher quantities.

Company History

With over 70 years in the business, we specialize in creating fun, personalized products for both large and small customers as part of the HC Brands family. Our dedicated team designs, sells, manufactures, and ships quality personalized products to customers in the USA, US Territories, and Canada. We are committed to our customers and their satisfaction. We work with you to help make things right! Hopefully, you'll never have to read our returns policy because our goal is to get it right the first time. But let's be honest, we’re human.