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I Identify As A Water Koozie®

I Identify As A Water Koozie®

This very convincing and discreet Koozie will surely have everyone convinced that you're definitely not drinking beer or anything. Perfect for any jokester in your life who enjoys drinking a bit more than others!

  • Koozie Type: Regular can cooler, slim can cooler, or zip-up bottle cooler
  • Materials: Choose from our lightweight foam or durable Neoprene!
  • Design: Have your design printed on just one side or both sides for a hilarious koozie design at any angle!
  • Koozie Color: Select your koozie color that perfectly matches your style!

Order your Koozie® can cooler today to liven up your next party or get-together!

I Identify As A Water Koozie®