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June 20th is Officially Summer!

Koozie® Camping Life

Koozie® Camping Life beer koozie, soda bottle/can cooler.
  • Choose from several drink cooler styles (can, slim can, or bottle!)
  • Pick from multiple materials (foam or neoprene)
  • Choose single or double-sided cans, or one of our bottle coolers which come with a zipper to keep it snug
  • Select from up to 10+ different Koozie® colors
  • Regular can imprint area is 3.5 x 3.5 inches, slim can and bottle are smaller.
  • Customized in the USA


Design SKU: KZ_2023_001_
Koozie® Camping Life

Whether you are enjoying a soda at the beach, a cold brew while camping or just chilling in the backyard, a Koozie® is essential for keeping your drink cool. Our Koozie® Camping Life Drink Cooler will keep your drinks chilled all day. Perfect for sunny summer days, these can, slim can, and bottle coolers come in several fun colors.

  • This design won our 2023 staff Koozie design competition!
  • The official Koozie® brand keeps your drinks colder longer. Only REAL Koozie® have the distinct Koozie® tag to mark their quality and authenticity
  • Choose from 1-sided or 2-sided printing (bottles can only be 1-sided due to zipper)
  • Select foam Koozie® to save money or choose premium neoprene Koozie® for added durability
  • Pick your Koozie® color, up to 10+ color options depending on the type of Koozie® you pick
  • Customized in the USA
Koozie® Camping Life