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No BS: No Art Fees & No Hidden Shipping Cost

Secure & Safe Shopping

At Simply Stamps we use state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your credit card/personal information. You can place your order(s) using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Digital certificates encrypt data using SSL technology, which is the industry-standard method for protecting Web communications. The SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection. Because SSL is built into all major browsers and Web servers, simply installing a digital certificate turns on their SSL capabilities.

SSL comes in multiple strengths, 40-bit up to 256-bit, which refer to the length of the "session key;" generated by every encrypted transaction. The longer the key, the more difficult it is to break the encryption code. Simply Stamps uses 256-bit encryption. Most browsers support 256-bit SSL sessions, which is trillions of times stronger than 40-bit sessions.