A Sip Into the Fascinating History of Koozie® Can Coolers

Beyond its practical purpose, the koozie has become a cultural icon. It’s a badge of belonging, a way to declare your allegiance to a favorite team, band, or even just a good pun. It’s a conversation starter, a walking billboard for inside jokes and shared memories. But how did koozies evolve beyond their original role? Keep reading to find out.

Origins of the Koozie

The roots of the koozie trace back to the mid-20th century when the need for a practical solution to keep beverages cool became apparent. According to texasmonthly.com, the idea was discovered on a hot summer day in Texas when a construction worker noticed that the nearby tubing installation material fit perfectly around his can. It’s said that he named it “koozie” after his grandmother’s tea-pot warming “cozy.”

In 1980, the rights to the product patent and name were purchased by Radio Cap Company, a hat manufacturer in San Antonio. It didn’t take long for koozies to become popular, and numerous imitators began to develop their own versions, sparking trademark battles. This is why you may have heard several names for the can cooler such as stubby holders, huggies, coolies, and others.

Material Innovations

The first koozie designs were simple black sleeves composed of solid cylindrical foam. As explained by eater.com, there was a shift from hard foam shells to compactable neoprene and other soft foam materials in the 1990s. This lead to a much more flexible product that could fit a variety of beverage containers including cans, bottles, and more.

These modifications not only provided consumers with more alternatives, but also improved the performance of koozies. They had higher insulating capabilities, which allowed them to keep drinks colder for longer. They were also water-resistant, which efficiently protected against condensation and kept users’ hands dry.

Branding Brilliance

As the promotional product industry was expanding, businesses started to recognize koozies as powerful marketing tools. With koozies being offered in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, they could easily be personalized to fit any occasion. Whether adorned with sports team logos, company branding, or witty slogans, custom koozies became a staple at promotional events and social functions.

Serving as more than just insulators, koozies acquired a symbolic significance. They allowed individuals to express their affiliations and identities in a tangible way and lighthearted manner. The customization features of koozies elevated them to become cherished gifts, adding a layer of meaning to the act of giving.

Expanding Possibilities

Today, koozies have evolved beyond their original role. From its humble origins as a practical solution to keep beverages cool, the koozie has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Its journey through history reflects the changing landscape of social gatherings, outdoor events, and marketing strategies. The koozie continues to be a beloved and functional accessory, proving that sometimes, the simplest inventions leave the most lasting impressions.

All About Neoprene Koozie® Can Coolers: Material and Benefits

Welcome to the world of beverages, where the clink of cans and laughter mingle to create unforgettable moments. To elevate your sipping experience, enter the realm of Neoprene can coolers, the cool companions your drinks have been yearning for! In this post, we’ll dive into what makes Neoprene can coolers the life of the party, exploring their composition, unique benefits, and a dash of history about this extraordinary koozie material.

A Sip Back in Time:

Before we start, let’s take a brief journey back in time to unravel the story of Neoprene. Originally invented in the 1930s, Neoprene gained fame for its remarkable durability and resistance, even to things such as oil and heat. Over the years, it found its way into various applications, from wetsuits to industrial uses. Fast forward to today, and Neoprene is the unsung hero behind our favorite party essential – the Neoprene can cooler!

What Are Neoprene Can Coolers Made Of?

Picture this: your favorite drink, nestled in a snug, insulated embrace. Neoprene can coolers are crafted from the magical material known as Neoprene, a synthetic rubber also known as polychloroprene. What sets Neoprene apart is its flexibility, durability, and excellent insulation properties. This material is not only weather-resistant but also adept at keeping your beverages ice-cold.

Benefits Galore:

Now, let’s pop the top on the benefits of choosing Neoprene can coolers over their foam counterparts!

Superior Insulation: Neoprene’s ability to resist temperature changes makes it a champion at keeping your drink colder for longer. Say goodbye to lukewarm sips!

Flexibility Reigns: Neoprene can coolers are like the yoga enthusiasts of the koozie world. Their flexibility allows them to snugly fit cans of various sizes, ensuring a secure grip on your beverage.

Durable Delight: Neoprene is built to last. Whether you’re at a beach party, a backyard BBQ, or a camping trip, your Neoprene can cooler will be there, standing the test of time.

Easy to Clean: Accidents happen, spills are inevitable, but worry not! Neoprene can coolers are a breeze to clean. Just wipe off any mishaps, and your koozie is as good as new.

Express Yourself: Elevate your style with custom Neoprene koozies. Whether it’s a quirky design or a personalized message, these cool companions can be as unique as you are.

Neoprene vs. Foam Koozies:

Your next question may be, “Why choose Neoprene over foam?” Well, while foam koozies have their merits, Neoprene takes the lead in terms of durability, insulation, and style. Neoprene can coolers are the Rolls Royce of koozies, offering a premium experience for your chilled beverages.

As you embark on your journey to keep drinks cool and parties lively, consider making the switch to the best koozie material with Neoprene can coolers. These versatile, durable, and downright stylish companions are the perfect upgrade from the classic foam koozie. Elevate your sipping experience, express your personality with custom Neoprene koozies from myKoozie, and let the good times flow – chilled to perfection! Cheers!

Tips for Serving Drinks at Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. If you are struggling to select the perfect drinks for your big day, we are here to help. Fortunately, myKoozie can help you save time by turning your beverages into personalized décor that you and your loved ones can forever cherish.

Benefits of Can Coolers at Your Wedding

After a long day of getting ready, taking pictures, and participating in the ceremony, a cold drink is exactly what you need. Our customized wedding can coolers will ensure that your drinks stay chilled all day long regardless of where your wedding is located. Besides keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature, some other benefits include:

  • Protecting your elegant wedding tables
  • Adding to your beautiful wedding decorations
  • Helping your guests know which drink is theirs
  • Serving as an affordable gift and wedding prop
  • Assigning guests to their correct seat at the table

Tips For Serving Wedding Drinks

Whether you are trying to find the best catering services or preparing your own drinks, these tips could help you achieve your dream wedding:

Set A Theme

Choosing the theme for your wedding will set the tone for the day and bring out your unique personality. Wedding themes help to make the event more memorable for the couple and the guests. Deciding on factors like color schemes and decorations can be also be a fun and engaging experience for couples. Aligning your beverages with your theme will improve the overall aesthetic and motivate your guests to try all your signature cocktails.

Add A Personal Touch

With the help of custom can coolers, such as this wedding drink cooler, you can add some personalization to your drinks and make your wedding extra special. Through personal touches, couples can express their love and share one-of-a-kind experiences with friends and family.  Koozie® drink coolers with the couple’s names, initials, or wedding date also act as a physical reminder of the wonderful wedding day.

Cater To All Guests

Before you decide which drinks to serve at your wedding, it is important to keep all of your guests in mind. You can easily accommodate your younger guests by including non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails. If you have pets attending your special day, make sure you have the appropriate drinks and treats. Don’t forget to keep all your loved ones hydrated with some refreshing water.

Pair With Delicious Bites

Pairing drinks with the right foods will enhance the dining experience and bring out all of the scrumptious flavors. Matching lighter drinks with lighter flavors will ensure the most successful outcome. Not only will your guests be happy with some food to munch on after your ceremony, but the taste and quality of your drinks will be heightened as well.

Avoid Stubborn Stains

While red wine at a wedding sounds like a good idea, an enjoyable glass can quickly turn into an embarrassing mess. The last thing any bride would want on her big day is a red wine stain on her gorgeous wedding dress. Opting for a lighter colored drink, such as a white wine or champagne, can save you from dark blemishes. Choosing a lighter beverage will ensure that you can have fun without worrying about messy spills.

Make Your Own Drinks

DIY drinks are the perfect way to plan a wedding on a budget. These affordable beverages can still look classy and elegant without the added fees. Not only will you save money by making your own delicious drinks, but you can learn a new skill and share the experience with others. Homemade drinks are also a more inclusive option for guests with dietary restrictions. DIY projects can be very rewarding and you might even find yourself a new a hobby while planning your special day.

Shop all our Koozie® Drink Coolers so you can create your own custom bottle and can coolers for any occasion!

At myKoozie, we create personalized drink coolers so you can celebrate what matters most to you. Cold drinks and custom messages will elevate all of your occasions and events.

Holiday Drink Ideas for Every Celebration

custom holiday koozies

The holidays are here! To help you make this season merry, we’ve put together a list of the top holiday drink ideas for every seasonal celebration.

Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate the winter season with holiday spirits, or you want to make the most out of your comfy and cozy winter nights, myKoozie has got you covered with holiday drink ideas for every party, gathering and get-together.

Make Every Sip Merry & Bright: MyKoozie makes it easy to celebrate the season with perfectly chilled holiday spirits, sodas and beverages. Our simple design process lets you create your own Koozie® coolers in a few simple steps! Here are some of our favorite holiday drink and bottle cooler ideas to give you some creative DYO inspo:

bottoms up holiday koozie

Can Coolers
Start Designing!

merry vibes only bottle cooler

Bottle Coolers
Start Designing!

custom ugly sweater slim can cooler

Slim Can Coolers
Start Designing!

From Christmas dinner to company holiday parties to celebrations with friends, here are some festive holiday drink ideas for every occasion:

For Holiday Gatherings

mulled wine
Make the most out of your holiday get-together with classic crowd pleasers! Check out these drink ideas to impress at your next seasonal soiree:

  • Mulled Wine: This holiday favorite is an easy-to-prepare warm combination of red wine, liquor and your favorite seasonal spices.
  • Eggnog: Keep things traditional with eggnog! This winter classic can be spiked with spirits or prepared alcohol-free for family gatherings.
  • Holiday Cocktails: Large holiday gatherings are the perfect time to serve bubbly Christmas cocktails and mocktails. Serve up your favorite winter beverages, or start a new holiday tradition by using holiday flavors like cranberry or cinnamon to create your own cocktail recipe!

For Cozy Holiday Nights

hot cocoa
Hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up on cold winter holiday nights. This winter staple is a holiday drink favorite for all ages! Here are some of our favorite creative ideas and add-ins to help you take your hot chocolate to the next level:

  • Explore new flavors! Make your hot chocolate with white or dark chocolate to switch things up.
  • Add peppermints or candy canes to your hot chocolate for a festive holiday twist.
  • Bring in some holiday flavors with traditional add-ins like cinnamon sticks.
  • Make a DIY self-serve hot chocolate bar with holiday toppings and treats!

For Kids

soda cans with custom holiday koozies
Don’t forget to provide drinks for everyone who is celebrating! Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly holiday beverage ideas to help you spread some happy holiday joy and cheer:

  • Seasonal Juices: Serve up festive flavors with seasonal options like cranberry juice and pomegranate juice.
  • Fizzy Mocktails: Offer all of your favorite fun holiday cocktails without alcohol.
  • Ciders: Warm apple cider is a holiday favorite for kids and adults!
  • Sodas & Canned Beverages: Serve sodas, canned juices and sparkling waters with custom Koozie® can coolers to add a special seasonal touch!

For Holiday Parties

holiday punch
Make your holiday party extra festive with a holiday punch! Creating your own holiday or Christmas punch with all of your favorite flavors is the perfect way to provide refreshments at your next holiday party.

Here are some of our favorite holiday-inspired ingredients to help you create your own punch recipe:

  • Sparkling wine (substitute sparkling water or ginger ale for a non-alcoholic punch)
  • Cranberry juice, orange juice, or any of your favorite winter juices
  • Mint leaves, cinnamon sticks or other add-ins that offer complementary flavors
  • Cranberries, oranges, pomegranate seeds or other fresh fruit garnishes

Mix and match your favorite festive flavors and ingredients, combine them in a large punch bowl, chill and serve!

For Holiday Mornings

holiday mimosas and brunch drinks
Looking for ways to make your mornings merry and bright? Here are some of our favorite classic drink ideas for holiday brunches, breakfasts and festive mornings:

  • Mimosas: Spice up this classic breakfast beverage by substituting orange juice with cranberry or pomegranate juice.
  • Holiday Sangria:: Add a holiday twist to this citrusy brunch favorite by using seasonal winter fruits and adding some sparkling apple cider.
  • Espresso and Coffee: Brew up a cup of holiday cheer by swapping out your standard coffee for a holiday blend with festive notes and flavors.

For Hassle-Free Holiday Celebrations

chrismtas koozies with beer and ciders
If you’re looking for ways to skip the hassle of homemade drinks, keep things simple! Celebrate the season with your favorite canned and bottled beverages like beer and spiked ciders.

Be sure to keep all of your favorite holiday and Christmas drinks cool with custom Koozie® drink coolers to add some seasonal style and holiday spirit to every sip!

stay cool this holiday season, save 20% on koozie drink coolers with code mk20, shop now!

At myKoozie, we create custom Koozie® drink coolers to help you keep every beer, soda, cider and beverage cool to the last drop. Create your own custom cooler or check out our new holiday collection for designs inspired by every holiday.

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Find More Custom Cooler Inspiration from myKoozie:

Tips For Serving Thanksgiving Drinks

How to Create a Custom Koozie® with Our Design Tool

Patriotic Drinks to Serve at Your Next Backyard Bash

Tips for Serving Thanksgiving Drinks

Whether you’re hosting your own Thanksgiving event or you’re in charge of bringing drinks to the function, supplying satisfying beverages to pair with Thanksgiving dinner is essential. The perfect autumn drink should be the right flavor and the right temperature. With the help of our bottle and can coolers, you can ensure that your drinks will stay chilled all Thanksgiving long!

Why Use Drink Coolers on Thanksgiving

Because Thanksgiving revolves around a bountiful meal, celebrating the holiday with delectable food and drinks is a necessity. The right food and drinks will help you bond with your loved ones and create new memories. Keeping your beverages cold with a Koozie® drink cooler will help to satiate thirst after indulging in a large Thanksgiving feast. Some other benefits include:

  • Saving money on holiday décor
  • Protecting the surfaces of your tables
  • Identifying which drinks belong to guests
  • Securing bottles and cans so they don’t break
  • Creating a more cheerful and festive environment

Tips for Serving Your Thanksgiving Drinks

If you want your drinks to be a game changer that your friends and family will enjoy this holiday, follow our tips to serve your drinks like a pro:

Use a Festive Koozie® Drink Cooler

Serving drinks to your guests at Thanksgiving dinner is made easy with our collection of custom Thanksgiving drink coolers! Save time and money by purchasing the drinks of your choice and giving your friends and family the option to make their beverage extra festive. Not only will a Koozie® drink cooler add to your holiday decorations, but they will keep your cans and bottles chilled so you can stay hydrated during your celebrations.

Include Drinks for All Ages

While everyone loves a holiday cocktail, it is important to think of all your guests when choosing what drinks to serve. Both kids and adults can enjoy a tasty soda or juice to go with their Thanksgiving meal. Even your less sophisticated drinks can look beautiful at your Thanksgiving function with the help of one of our Thanksgiving can and bottle coolers!

Incorporate Autumn Friendly Flavors

Fall flavors are great for creating a cozy atmosphere and they taste delicious! There is no better time to add some warm cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and seasonal fruits to your drinks than on Thanksgiving Day. Another good option is having some brown sprits that are great for fall such as:

  • scotches
  • ryes
  • cognacs

Have Lots of Options

The more the merrier when it comes to your selection of holiday drinks! Planning ahead and making sure you purchase the right amount of drinks for all the people attending will guarantee a good time. Luckily, we have personalized drink coolers available in multiple sizes and shapes to best fit your different beverages!

Make It DIY

If you want to spice things up at your Thanksgiving bash, create your own beverages! These are fun to make, gorgeous to look at, and exciting to drink. Homemade drinks make your holiday event extra special and are sure to be a crowd pleaser. We even offer the perfect Thanksgiving-themed bottle coolers so you can be even more decorative with your DIY drinks!

Shop all of our custom drink coolers to make your very own Koozie® drink cooler for any occasion!

At MyKoozie.com, we craft unique can and bottle coolers so you can always enjoy a refreshing beverage at any event. Create a custom drink cooler for holidays, parties, gamedays, or even for everyday use. Easy and affordable, our personalized drink coolers are the perfect way to celebrate what matters to you.

How to Create Your Koozie® with Our Design Tool

design your own koozie coolers

Are you looking to make your own customized Koozie® drink cooler? Our design tool is here to guide you step by step so you can create an ideal Koozie® cooler for a gift or special event. We wanted to provide you with our frequently asked questions and answers, so when it comes to designing your own Koozie drink cooler the process is quick and easy!

Design Wizard FAQs –

Listed below are 7 common designing questions and answers!

  1. What is the design wizard tool?
  2. Our design wizard is a free tool that allows you to design your own custom Koozie® coolers. This tool allows you to completely customize your design down to the very last detail. As a customer, you can choose from a wide variety of personalized options, including your product color, single or double-sided designs, and the option to upload custom art, logo, images, photos, and text!

    my koozie design wizard options to add text
    Click here to enlarge image in a new window


  3. How do I add text to my design?
  4. You can add text to your Koozie® cooler by using the design wizard tool. Once you click the get started now button, you will be in the design tool.

    On the left-hand side of the toolbar, click the button labeled add text. Use the text box to write in your personalized text. Below the text box, you have options to choose your font style, select a color, adjust the size, and edit the spacing.

    On the right-hand side of the design wizard, you have the option to use a grid, reset your text, undo text, send your text to the front or back, as well as center, align, or remove your text.


    my koozie design wizard options to upload image
    Click here to enlarge image in a new window


  5. How can I upload images and add them to my design?
  6. Once in the design wizard, click on the ‘add images’ button located on the left-hand side. You will then see an option to upload a new image from your device. Click this option and upload your desired photo from your device and click open. Ensure your image is where you want it by clicking on the image and moving it with your mouse.

    On the right-hand side, you have the option to use a grid, reset your image, undo, send the image to the front or back, as well as center, align, or remove your image.

  7. What kinds of files can I upload?
  8. PNG and JPEG files

    For the best result, we recommend PNG and JPEG files. These files are the easiest to work with and will provide accurate results. Do not upload PDF files of your design or logo. PDF files show low-quality images and inaccurate colors.


    my koozie design wizard options to change sides
    Click here to enlarge image in a new window


  9. How do I add my design to both sides of my double-sided Koozie® drink cooler?
  10. If you are designing a 2-sided drink cooler there is an option to add designs to the front and back. Once in the design wizard, click on the button labeled change sides located on the left-hand side. Here you can select the front or backside of your cooler.

    You can use the same design on the front and back by clicking copy selected design, or you can create two different designs by toggling between both sides.


    my koozie design wizard options to save and login
    Click here to enlarge image in a new window


  11. Can I save my designs?
  12. Yes! To save a design, you will need a myKoozie.com account. It is free to sign up and only takes a couple of minutes!

    If you wish to save a design after creating one, simply select the login/save button located on the left-hand side of the design tool. Once you click on the login/save button, a prompt will appear asking you to log in. Click log in. Here you can either sign in to an existing account or register for a new one. To log in to an existing account, enter your information and click log in. To create a new account, click register. To register, all you need to do is complete all the required fields, then click submit.

     If you leave our site and wish to log in. You can do so by visiting our login page.  


    my koozie design wizard options to reorder
    Click here to enlarge image in a new window


  13. How can I find or reorder my saved designs?

To reorder or place a new order of a saved design, you have a couple of options. First, you must log in to your myKoozie.com account. Once logged in you will be taken to your account settings. On the left-hand side, you have the option to click my purchased designs or my saved designs. Here you can edit, delete, or reorder your custom designs!

custom dog inspired can cooler lifestyle

Design Tips from Our Experts – 

We have an amazing crew of myKoozie creators that hand make every one of your drinking accessories. Here are a few tips they found to make the best product. This way, you will know the best practices for designing!

  • Avoid thin and hard-to-read script font. For text that shows up clear and concise, stick to regular or bold type font. If your chosen font is too small, it can be subject to change. This way, we can ensure you are 100% happy with the final product!
  • For designs using images, stick to high-quality photos with high resolution.
  • Be mindful of you chosen text color and Koozie® cooler color. If the colors are too similar, your customization will be hard to see. For example, if you choose red text, it is best to avoid a red Koozie® drink cooler.

myKoozie 20% off coupon code mk20

If you are still having trouble creating your design or have questions, we are here to help! We have an entire team dedicated to assisting you. Contact us through chat or phone. For all other questions involving your order you can check out our FAQ page

Get Inspired by Our Customers Custom Designs!

Custom Harry Potter can cooler
Harry Potter Inspired Can Coolers

Custom bachelorette slim can cooler
Custom Bachelorette Party Coolers

Custom birthday party can cooler
Personalized Birthday Party Can Coolers

We would love to see your very own myKoozie creation! Be sure to take a photo and share it with us on instagram for a chance to be featured on our page or website by tagging us at @mycustomkoozie. 


Other Blogs You May Enjoy:

Patriotic Drink Accessory Ideas

Patriotic Drink Service Ideas for Your Backyard Bash!

patriotic koozie can coolers

Whether you’re hitting the beach, the pool or you’re throwing your own backyard patriotic party this summer, keeping drinks cold is your top task! There are fun and colorful ways to keep sodas, beers and other beverages cold in the summer sun. Check out these fun drink displays and drink serving ideas!

Create Your Own Vintage Americana Drink Display!

red wagon patriotic drink cooler

Fourth of July parties and other red, white and blue festivities in the summer often take on a nostalgic and retro look. If you love the classic red, white and blue bunting seen on beautiful old houses, small handheld American flags and sparklers – you’ll want to chill your drinks in a vintage tin tub or retro cooler! There are many creative ways to display drinks and keep them cold.

Let guests help themselves by displaying ice cold drinks in:

  • A big steel tub in a bright red hue! Adorn it with patriotic ribbon or small flag bunting
  • An old Radio Flyer wagon chocked full of ice (bonus: it can be pulled around to serve drinks!)
  • A kiddie pool loaded with ice
  • A wheel barrel full of ice

Not only is it ok to get creative and use things from your yard and garage to set up your patriotic party – it’s trendy! Guests will love the retro feeling that takes them back to simpler times.

Keeping Drinks Cold at Your Summer Patriotic Party with Koozie®

patriotic koozie can coolers

Once you’ve figured out your drink display style, make sure guests will continue enjoying their cold beer or soda for hours to come! There are many patriotic designs in Koozie can and bottle coolers! The real Koozie drink coolers are made with materials like foam or neoprene, designed to keep drinks cold in the summer sun!

Check out these fun patriotic, red, white and blue Koozie® drink coolers:

patriotic 'merica koozie can cooler
America Rainbow Patriotic Can Cooler

home sweet home patriotic myKoozie bottle cooler
Home Sweet Home Patriotic Drink Cooler

Retro Drink Station Ideas

retro patriotic drink station

If you’re throwing a family friendly patriotic party, you’ll want options for the kids. From unique soda displays to rented ice cream trucks, there is a wide range of things in all price budgets you can do to make your patriotic party fun for the whole family. Here are some retro ideas for keeping guests happy and drinks cold:

patriotic smoothie station

    • Stack 4 wooden crates, add a DIY rustic red, white and blue sign that reads “drink station” and set up sodas, waters and juices!
    • Create your own smoothie station! Use crates or a rustic table or bench to display beautiful berries and watermelon! Set up cups and drinkware to let guests choose their own fruits for blending. Have your blender handy, along with plenty of ice.

patriotic ice cream

  • Serve festive ice cream from your kitchen window! Get all your favorite ice creams and toppings, especially strawberries and blueberries for festive American color, and create an ice cream station in your kitchen. If you have a kitchen window – open it and take orders from guests and kiddies in your backyard!

There are endless ways to create a fun and nostalgic look for your backyard summer party! Whether it’s to celebrate America’s birthday this July 4th, or it’s any other quiet summer afternoon, you can find plenty of do-it-yourself décor and drink service ideas for your backyard! Get creative, and as always, use the most trusted drink cooler on the market – the Koozie® – to chill your drinks!